Congratulations, 2017 Board Certified Chaplains!

A Message from NCCA President Cynthia Vaughan:



Last week, several of us attended the 2017 Annual Conference of the Association of Professional Chaplains in Houston Texas.  As usual, the conference provided excellent educational and networking opportunities and was well-attended.  This year’s theme was “The Powerful Voice of Chaplaincy.”  If you are not already an active member of APC, I highly recommend you consider making this a professional affiliation in addition to NCCA.

The following current members of the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association received recognition and certification as noted:

  • Jane Mitchell – Board Certified Chaplain –Hospice/Palliative Care Certified  (BCC-HPCC)
  • Brenda Harris – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Tammerie Day – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Leah Leath – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Lisa Lundeen – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Chelsy Mitchell – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Ryusho Jeffus – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Kathy Turner – Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Steven Chewning – Provisional Board Certified Chaplain (PBCC)
  • Ellen Abercrombie – Provisional Associate Certified Chaplain (PACC)

Please extend congratulations for “hard work well done” to these NCCA members! Although we celebrated you in fine fashion at the APC banquet night, NCCA will recognize you again at our Spring Conference 2018!  Please plan to attend.

Other chaplains from North Carolina who were recognized last week but are not yet members of NCCA are listed below.  Please also congratulate them and encourage them to join NCCA or renew their NCCA membership.

  • Marilyn Davis – BCC
  • Maria Jones – BCC
  • Leon Maxwell – BCC
  • Omoviekovwa Nakireru – BCC
  • Jonathan Speed – BCC
  • Deborah Lannon – PBCC
  • Veronica Martinez-Gallegos – PBCC


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