NCCA History At A Glance


The NCCA was first envisioned by the members of the Mental Health Chaplains.  Ralph Miller, Milton Snyder, Bill Martin and Don Larson were assigned the task of developing a questionnaire and determining the interest in forming an expanded chaplains’ organization.

May 24, At the Dept. of Mental Health Chaplains Meeting, the 40 of 46 returned questionaires were considered and all were found to express an interest in forming a state association.  It was decided to build an organization for the purpose of fellowship and information sharing.  The Committee on Institutional Ministry of the NC Council of churches was chosen to act as a steering committee.

November 11, Organizational Meeting. 28 chaplains were present.  Wes Aitken, Chair of the Committee on Institutional Ministry, scheduled the first meeting of the NCCA at the Men’s Graduate Center at Duke University.

December, First Chaplains’ Association Meeting at Duke.    Milton Snyder was elected as the first president; Fred Reid elected vice-president; Wes Brett was elected as the secretary/treasurer.

Dues were $1.00.

It was decided to meet annually.



December 3, Second Annual Meeting at NC Baptist Hospital, School of Pastoral Care, Winston Salem, NC.  The program was titled:  “Some Contributions Being Made by Chaplains Serving in NC.”  Addressed were: areas of service, training and research.  40 members attended

Constitution adopted.

Term extended for two more years…President—Milton P. Snyder; VP—Fred Reid; Sec./Treas.—Wesley Brett; Custodian of Archive—Will Spong.



December 6-7—Third Annual Meeting at Western NC Center, Morganton, NC.  Topic:  “The Relationship of the Institutional Chaplain to the Pastor in the Individual Church”  Leader:  Chaplain Leroy Kerney of the National Institute for Health, Bethesda, MD.

Dues approved to be $3.00.



December 5-6, Annual Meeting in Charlotte at Presbyterian Memorial Hospital.  Workshops offered:  “The Care of the Aging;” “Institution of Chaplain;” “The Rehabilitation Program;” “Moral and Ethical Implications of Medical Tech.;” “The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education”



December 2-3, Annual Meeting at Charlotte Memorial Hospital.

President—David E. Wilkerson; VP—Will Spong; Sec./Treas.—Ralph Miller; Archives—L. L. McGee; Publicity—Jack Boston



March 3-4, Annual Meeting at Chapel Hill, NC Memorial Hospital—Host: Fred Reid.  Speaker: Delford L. Stickel, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery and Coordinator of the Transplant Program at Duke Medical Center.  Topic:



April 1, Annual Meeting at Pisgah View Ranch, Candler, NC.

President—Wes Brett; VP—Claude Deal; Sec/Treas.—Edwin G. Needham; PR—Jack Boston; Archives—L. L. McGee.



May 4-5, Annual Meeting hosted by A. Joe Poole and Jack Boston at the Holly Farms plant in at N. Wilkesboro, NC



May 9-10, Annual Meeting at Southern Pines.

President—Richard Hopkins; VP—Rod Brown; Sec./Treas.—Carlisle Franks



May 8-9, Annual meeting at Groundhog Mt., Va.



May 7-8, Annual meeting at Gaston Memorial Hospital in Gastonia, NC.

President—Rod Brown; VP—Ben Davis; sec./Treas.—Claude Campbell; Archives—Ron Summerfield



May 6-7, Annual Meeting at Camp Caraway, Asheboro, NC.  Theme—“Chaplain in Change.”  Speakers: Gene Ryder, David Allred, Claude Campbell, Dave Wilkinson and Ron King.



April 26-27, Annual meeting in Fort Caswell, NC.   Speaker—Dr. Dwight Cumbee, “Ecclesiogenic Neuroses” and Homer Good, “Reflections on the industrial Ministry.”

Claude Campbell—President; David Allred—VP; Joe Watterson—Sec/Treas; A. Joe Poole—Archives.



February 9-10, Joint meeting with the Stanley County Mental Health Center at the Heart of Albemarle Motel.  Small turnout upset President Claude Campbell who was concerned about the course the NCCA was taking.  He took an active stance and began a search for identity and purpose.  Fellowship became the main purpose.



January 30-31, The Thirteenth Annual Meeting, which was held in Greensboro with Carlyle Marney as guest speaker, “Self Identity.”  Entertainment—Greensboro College Choir.  It became an important milestone for the association, attendance went from 10-12 participants in 1977 to 40-50 participating chaplains this year.

The Fall Continuing Education Meeting was established.

Called Meeting—October 24, 10:00 AM, Wesley Long Community Hospital, Greensboro, NC to formally respond to the Membership/Constitution Committee

Cash on hand–$826.16

President—Joe Poole; VP—Bill Denton; Sec./Treas.—Bob Carter; Publicity—Carlisle Franks; Archives—Wayne Johnson; Education—Ted Hoffman; Membership/Constitution—Don Gum



Annual Meeting—March 22-23, Sheraton Motor Inn, Hickory, NC.  Topic “Divorce Counseling” led by Dr. Sheila Kessler of Georgia State University in Atlanta. Entertainmemt—“The Live Wires”

First Fall Meeting.(?)

Don Gum, Membership Chairperson took on the task of reorganizing the membership files, up-dating members’ information, and developing a more complete mailing list.  Membership doubled.

The Associate Member category was established for individuals not in full-time chaplaincy.

The first female chaplains joined the association, Lillian Galphin and Elizabeth Wood.   Through this time of restructuring the key elements remained fellowship and education.

Two new practices were put into place:  members who met qualifications were recognized as professional chaplains and given certificates suitable for framing; and out-going presidents were given plaques in recognition for their leadership and service.

President—Joe Poole; VP—Bill Denton; Sec./Treas.—Bob Carter; Publicity—Carlisle Franks; Education—Ted Hoffmann; Membership—Don Gum; Archives—Wayne Johnson



President—Donald gum; VP—Theodore Hoffmann; Sec./Treas.—David Cox; Publicity—Len Byers; Membership—Ronald King; Archives—Ralph Miller



with a solid membership base, the association was meeting the needs for fellowship and education, as well as taking a strong advocacy role in the state.  Thus, the Committee on Institutional Ministry was established.  The committee negotiated with the NC Department of Personnel for the upgrading of salaries, qualifications and classifications for state chaplains.

Membership and the treasury doubled., due in part from the growth of Adjunct Staff Programs throughout the state.

Annual Meeting—April 10-11 at the Holiday in Southern Pines.  Speaker—Bill Webb, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at duke University.  Topic:  “The Management of Stress”

Fall Meeting—November 12 at Greensboro College.  Speaker—Nape Baker of NC Memorial Hospital, “Pastoral Care Assessment of Persons”

Joe Poole designated to investigate and develop alternatives for a state association logo.

Ron King, Membership Chair requested by Executive Committee to develop a Code of ethics.

Dues $5.00.

President—Ted Hoffmann; Education—Ted Hoffmann



Annual Meeting, April 9-10, Cherry Hospital, Goldsboro, NC.  Speaker Rev. Frank Moyer, Director of Pastoral Services, Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford, Ill. And Research Associate, Rockford School of Medicine, University of Ill., and past president of the College of Chaplains.  Topic:  “Program Management and Evaluation.

Fall Education Meeting, November 12 at Greensboro College.  Leader:  David Franzen of Duke University Medical Center.  Format:  small groups discussing continuing education areas:  Pastoral Care, Pastoral counseling, Personal Growth/Identity, Administration, Supervisory Training, Education.  Faculty included: Rev. Wesley Aitkin, Rev. Napier Baker, Rev. Wesley Brett, Rev. John Edgerton, Rev. Lyman Ferrell, Rev. David Franzen, Rev. Robert Johnston, Rev. Mahan Siler

President—Joe Poole; Education—Ted Hoffmann



Annual Meeting, April 1-2, Charlotte, NC.  Speaker—Myron Madden, Chaplain and director of the Dept. of PC at Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana; author, lecturer and past president of the College of Chaplains, presented a program on historical aspects of modern pastoral care.  Entertainment—The Harmony Honeys Charlotte Sweet Adilines

Fall Education Meeting–November 18, Greensboro College; Topic: “Adjunct Staff Concept.”  Conference Leaders—Don Gum, Chaplain, Wesley Long Hospital, Greensboro, NC; and Wayne Robinson—Chaplain, The NC Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC.  58 participants.

October—Membership pins available for $8.00

Constitutional and By-Law Revisions made

President—Don Gum; VP—T.S. Hoffmann; Secretary/Treasurer—David Cox; Publicity—Len Byers; Membership—Ronald King; Archives—Ralph Miller; Member-at-large—Dale Doverspike



Annual Meeting, May 20-21 in Jacksonville, NC at the Thunderbird Motor Inn.  Speaker—Dr. William B. Oglesby, Jr., “Providence and Suffering:  The Struggle of Faith in Interpreting Pain in the Context of the Goodness of God” and “The Minister’s Role and Contribution to the Diagnostic Healing Team.”

Fall Meeting, November 10 at Greensboro College.  28 participants.  Speaker Rod Brown, Director of Pastoral Care for RJ Reynolds Co. and Venetia Smith, Family Counselor and Intervention Specialist for alcoholism and drug abuse.

By-Law Revisions made.

President—T. S. Hoffmann; VP—David Cox; Secretary/Treasurer—Nape Baker; Education—Wayne Johnson; Publicity—Lewis Lint; Membership—Lee Dukes; Archives—Elizabeth Wood



May 5, The Constitution for the NCCA was adopted.

Annual Meeting, May 4-5, Boone, NC at Appalachian State University



Annual Meeting in Chapel Hill, NC



Annual Meeting in Greenville, NC

NCCA given tax exempt status.



Incentive Grant instituted (?).





Annual Meeting held in Raleigh where: an incentive grant fund proposal was first presented and approved by the membership; the first memorial service was held for chaplains who had died the year before; and CEUs given for the first time.  The speaker was Dr. John Patton, he presented on the theme of “Generational Care.”  Entertainment, Michael Hawn, accordion player and seminary professor.

Fall Meeting, October 19 at Caraway Conference Center in Asheboro, NC.  Speaker William H. Willimon, author, minister to the university and professor at Duke University, presented “Worship as Pastoral Care.”

First incentive grant donation of $300.00 from Burke Holland, Director of Chaplaincy and Language Missions for the Baptist State Convention.

President—Janice Wakefield; Secretary/Treasurer—Preston Smith; Education—Jane Litzinger; Membership—Phil Carter; Institutional Consultant—David Cox;


1990-1992 highlights:

President—Bob Hamilton, VP—Preston Smith, Secretary/Archivist—Linda Roth, Treasurer—Milton Hadley

Claude Campbell named Chaplain Emeritus.

Don Gum elected President of the College of Chaplains

NCCA contributes $1000.00 to COC Capital Drive “Partners in Healing”



First woman president, Janice Wakefield

Fall Education Day, Andy Lester presents “Hope in Pastoral Care and Counseling.  Entertainment: A cruise on Lake Norman on the Catawba Queen.


1992-1994 Highlights:

President—Preston Smith, VP—Jane Litzinger

Secretary/Archivist—Cathy Hasty

Treasurer—Ron Wedekind

NCCA sends $250 to TN Chaplain’s Association for start-up expenses

Ted Hoffman named Chaplain Emeritus


1994-1996 Highlights:

President—Charla Little, VP—Lyn Byers, Secretary/Archivist—Irv Moore, Treasurer—Ron Wedekind

Ted Hoffman received Chaplain Emeritus Award from the College of Chaplains

NCCA 30th Anniversary celebrated in Pinehurst



a pivotal year.

Speaker Elizabeth Young-Bruehl from Harvard College in Philladelphia, PA, spoke on “Prejudice:  Racism, Antisemitism, Sexism, and Homophobia”

First African-American President elected, Irv Moore

Fall Education Day, Tim Allen does presentation on “God Talk”

Entertainment was Richard “Big Boy” Henry, Blues guitarist and singer from Beaufort.

Move toward advocacy and research and out-come based pastoral care.



A grant of $2000.00 was given by NCCA to defray the costs for support for state legislation designating practicing pastoral counselors as insurance reimbursable providers of mental health care in NC

Researcher Larry Vandecreek is keynote speaker for the 30th Anniversary meeting.  Chaplains encouraged to demonstrate our value.

Fall Education Day, Steven Boyd, “Masculine Spirituality”

Second Annual NCC Benefit Golf Tournament in conjunction with the College of Chaplains—Monday, June 12, Bel-Aire Golf Course

Theodore Schott Hoffman unanimously nominated for the Chaplain Emeritus Award sponsored by the College of Chaplains.

$1151.00 donated by friends and family of Bob Hamilton to the NCCA Incentive Grant in his honor on his 50th birthday.


1996-1998 Highlights:

President—Jim Rawlings, VP—Irv Moore, Secretary—Linda Roth, Treasurer—Janet Forrest

Joe Poole named Chaplain Emeritus

Audit Committee established

Janet Forrest writes computer database program for Treasurer’s files

Laptop computer and printer purchased



Spring Meeting, April 18-19.  Speaker:  Mark Jensen PhD, Chaplain Supervisor in the Dept. of Pastoral Care at NC Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem.  Presentation:  “Pastoral Perspectives on Shame.”

Fall Education Day—Speaker John Mendez, “African-American Theologies and Their Implications for Pastoral Care”

President—Charla Littell; VP—Len Byers; Secretary—Irv Moore; Treasurer—Ron Wedekind; Membership—Mike Bostian; Publicity—Nancy Best and Gray brock-Loftis; Education—Janet Wakefield; Institutional Consultant—Jim Rawlings; Network—Mark Snyder;



April 10 and 11, Spring Meeting held in Goldsboro.  Presentations by Robert Kim:  “Outcome Based Pastoral Care,” “What are Critical Paths” and “Designing a Critical Path.”  Chaplain Kim is a widely publicized chaplain at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louise, Mo.

NCCA Membership and Treasurer’s database created with purchase of a laptop computer and a printer.

October 2, Fall Education Day, Camp Caraway in Asheboro, NC—Speaker Andy Lester, “Nurturing Hope:  The Gospel vs. Despair.” Dr. Lester, is an author and the Professor of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Counseling at Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University.

Financial Review Committee (FRC) formed to review the financial records of the previous year and to report their findings to the association membership at the Spring Meeting.  Members of that committee are Nape Baker (three year term), Nancy Best (two year term) and David Cox (one year term)

New logo design contest, $100.00 prize to be presented to the winner.


1998-2000 Highlights:

President Janet Forrest, VP—Elizabeth Stroop, Secretary Sarah Snell, Treasurer—Mike Bostian

NCCA website established

NCCA pledges $1500.00 toward hosting 2000 APC Annual Meeting in Charlotte

Nancy Osborn named first Chaplain of the Year



Executive Committee decides to abandon “oral tradition” in favor of written policies and procedures.

Spring Meeting, Raleigh, May 21-22, Speaker joy Berger presents “Sacred Sounds:  Pastoral Care and the Sounds of Life and Faith”  Dr. Berger is the Chaplain and Musicare Coordinator for Hospice of Louisville, KY.  Entertainment provided by Deborah Haynes, pianist.

November 5, Fall Education Day, Caraway Conference Center.  Speaker Chaplain Bryant Kendrick, “Medicine at the Edge of the Millennium:  Rediscovering Ancient Truths.”  Dr. Kendrick is an ordained Baptist Minister and a member of the faculty of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Creation of a statewide network for advocacy and support.



NCCA website created.  Stephen Ball became the first official “NCCA Webmaster.”

April 15-16, Spring Meeting, Appalachian conference Center,  Boone, NC— Speaker Dr. J. T. Garrett presented “Caring For Ourselves:  Teaching of the Cherokee”  Dr. Garrett is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, and the Health Director of Carteret County.

October 25, Fall Education Day, Caraway Conference Center, Asheboro, NC—Speaker Dr. Marjorie Suchocki, “Chaplaincy:  A Ministry of Presence and Prayer.”  Dr. Suckocki is the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Claremont School of Theology.



Annual Meeting, April 4-6 Durham Hilton in Durham, NC—Speaker Dr. Harold Koenig, Director of Duke University’s Center for the Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health, and the Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and assistant Professor of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center.

President—Janet Stephens Forrest, Membership Chair—Melanie Childers



State legislature embarked on a two year study entitled “Chaplain Reduction Initiative Study.”  The purpose of the study was to determine whether to have state funded chaplains at all, or to convert totally to community, volunteer or contract chaplains.  to determine the number of prison chaplains   President—Elizabeth Stroop, VP—Richard Hunt, Secretary—Shay Crenshaw, Treasurer—Melanie Childers, Education Chair—Jackie Allen, Membership Chair—Darryl Owens, Publicity Chair—Robert Ford, Institutional Consultant—Preston smith, Conference Consultant—David Bosley, Webmaster—Janet Forest, Archivist—Elizabeth Stroop



Fall Education Day, October 10, Presenter Cathy Hasty, “Untangling the Knots of Pastoral Care.”

Peter Maffly-Kipp agreed to take over the organization’s web-page.

Task force recommends discontinuing funding the Incentive Grants.  A recommendation will be brought to the membership at 2003 Spring Conference.



Annual Meeting, April 10-11 (with pre conference presentations on Wednesday, April 9; topics “Self-Care for Clergy”—Elizabeth Stroop and “APC:  Negotiating the Certification Process”).  Main presenter, Dr. Linda Jordan with Duke Bereavement Center, “Compassion Fatigue.”

Fall education Day, October 9, Caraway conference Center, Asheboro, NC—Speaker Elizabeth Rucker, registered art therapist with the American Art therapy Association; founder and director of the Atlanta Art Therapy Institute.  Presentation:  “An introduction to Art Therapy Techniques for Personal and Professional Creative Growth and Healing”

NCCA brochure designed and ready for distribution to CPE centers by Elizabeth Hyland.

40th Anniversary committee appointed:  Shay Crenshaw, Claude Deal, John Edgerton, Barry Morris, Janice Wakefield, Elizabeth Hyland and Richard Hunt.

President—Richard Hunt, Vice President—Shay Crenshaw, Secretary—Darryl Owens, Treasurer—Melanie Childers, Membership Chair—Elizabeth Hyland, Education—Cathy Hasty/Jackie Allen, Publicity—Jackie Allen, Institutional Consultant—Mike Bostian, Webmaster—Peter Maffly-Kipp, Conference Consultant—David Bosley, Financial Audit Committee Chair—Don Ledbetter, Ad Hoc Committee Chair—Beth Jackson

Michael Bostian—Chaplain of the Year



Annual Meeting, March 25-26 Speakers Walter Wink and June Keener Wink



Spring Annual Meeting, April 27-29 at the Sheraton Hotel, in Atlantic Beach, NC.  When the guest speaker was unable to attend, our own members stepped up to provide the program.  Speakers:  Elizabeth Hyland—“The Challenge of Pastoral Care:  When You Can’t Be everywhere At One Time”; Peter Maffly-Kipp, “Ministry with People with Personality Disorders”; and Adrianna Cavana—“Diversity in Ministry.”  Preconference workshops: Healing Touch, Jackie Allen; and Becoming a Board Certified Chaplain, Preston Smith (retired)

Fall Education day, October 20 at Caraway, Asheboro, NC.  Program presented by Jay foster, MDiv from NC Baptist Hospital, “Creating Community:  The Chaplain’s Role with Religiously-based Conflict in Bioethics”

New Computer purchased, and Treasurer and Membership reports downloaded successfully.

New logo designed and approved by the membership.

Education policy and procedure changes; changed from CEUs to CCEUs to meet education requirements of APC

Chaplain of the Year—Robert Ford, Frye Regional Medical Center

President—Shay Crenshaw, VP—Elizabeth Hyland, Secretary,–Pam Hudson, Treasure—Joseph Neal, Membership—Marcia McQueen, Education—Barry Morris, Publicity—Darryl Owens, Webmaster—Peter Maffly-Kipp, Institutional Consultant—Mike Bostian





Annual Spring Meeting, March 22, Charlotte, NC.  Break Out Sessions: Labyrinth and Singing Bowls, Patricia Cadle, and other meditative sessions and leaders.

Liason between APC and Koenig requested by Preston Smith.

Tony Biles suggested partnering with Hospital Association and putting NCCA on HA newsletter, Healthcare Links.

400+ members, paying active members much less, around 100.

Committee formed to initiate member social events throughout the year.  Members included Jackie Allen, Patricia Cadle, ???

Fall Education Conference, Oct. 4, Caraway.  Speaker—John Oliver, Director PC at Durham VA.  Topic—Ministering to Military and Their Families.

Newsletter going green — on-line.

Resignation of RW?  Nominated for Vice President, Jackie Allen



Annual Spring Meeting, April 10-11, Duke Hospital.  Speaker—Barry Duncan.  Topics—“The Heroic Client,” “Reliance on the Alliance,” and “How to Improve Effectiveness by 65% Without Hardly Trying.”

Relations between NCHA and NCCA building.  Explore relationship with End of Life focus in the community.


Fall Education Meeting, Oct. 9, Caraway.  Speaker Barry Morris co-presenting with MD.  Topic—“The Role of Hope in Healing.”

New Conference Planner on Executive Committee-Elizabeth Hyland.



Annual meeting, April 22-24, Sheraton Atlantic Beach.  Speakers—Harry Burns, Jane Litzinger and Carlton Morales.  Topic—“Grounded in Wisdom/Wisdom of the Elders”.

Fall education Day, October 8, Camp Caraway.  Speaker Carolyn Craft.  Topic: Contemplation and Self-Care

Newsletter continues on web-site, hard copy available upon request.

Membership 160

Audit October 7—“We found the books to be in excellent order.”

President—Jackie Allen; VP—Darryl Owens; Treasurer—Keith Little; Secretary Karen Moore, Publicity—Suzanne Franklin.  New Education Chair needed as Debby Bradley moved to a new position in Kentucky.  Education Chair—Shirley Massey.  Resignation  of Elizabeth Hyland as Convention Planner.



Annual Meeting, April 29-30, Summit at Haw River State Park.

Speaker—Robert Lawrence Friedman.  Topic—Pathways to Spiritual Well-being:  Skills, Strategies and Practice.”  New members identified with star on their badges at Spring Conference.  Bev Jessup celebrated as Chaplain of the Year.

New web-site server to be found by Peter Maffley-Kipp, Web Master.

New effort to be made by Tony Biles, Institutional consultant to work closely with institutions where chaplains are underutilized.

Fall Meeting.  P, Oct. 21, Camp Caraway Conf. Center.  Presenters—David Johnson, Beth Jackson-Jordan and Karen Moore.  Topic—“The Chaplain’s Story Who We Are:  Narrative Competencies and Integration.”

New Member Mentoring, a new initiative led by Jackie Allen.

President—Darryl Owens; VP—Barry Morris;  Secretary—Jeannell Cox; Treasurer—Ken Turner; Archives–Patricia Cadle and Teresa McIlwain volunteered to take over the NCCA archives.  New Membership Chair—Linda Brown upon resignation of Harry Burns



Spring Annual Meeting, April 27-29, Hickory, Gateway Conference Center.