Description of Duties: Vice President


  1. Attends Executive Committee meetings, serves as Chair in President’s absence.
  2. Provides support, encouragement, and assistance to the President and other members of the Executive committee as needed and appropriate.
  3. Submits article for Chaplain of the Year nominations in the Fall Newsletter.
  4. Receives the new nominations for Chaplain of the Year and uses the previously submitted ones to give to the committee.
  5. Puts together the Chaplain of the Year Committee and allows them to decide the recipient.
  6. Orders the plaque from:

Awards of Excellence by Trophy Sports

1027   East Lindsay Street, Greensboro, NC27405
336-274-6671 (ph), 336-379-9218 (fax) (email) (website)

  1.  Presents the Chaplain of the Year award at the Spring conference.
  2. Orders the plaque given to the outgoing president from the same company in #4.