Need help logging in?

Logging in is now as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Click here to get to the Members area (a separate tab will open so you can switch back here to keep reading).  Under the “Sign In” portion in the box click beside “Request password if you are a member”.  Simply enter your email address (the one you used to join the NCCA originally) and click the “Find My Account” button.  Note:  If your account cannot be found and you have tried all the email addresses you may have used, it is possible that your membership has lapsed if you did not pay in the last couple of years.  Do not worry!  You may simply rejoin to add your name back into the system (click here).
  2. Check your email in box for a reset password link from the NCCA.  Copy the generic password listed in the email and click the link to go back to the site.
  3. Paste the generic password into the Enter Password box and click “Sign In”!  You will land in your new Member Area.  Congrats!

Below is some useful information about each tab in your member area, including how to make a payment

About tab:  Please check your contact information to ensure that we have everything correct, and while you’re in there change your password by clicking “Change” (in blue) beside Password.  Enter a password you will remember instead.  Don’t worry.  If you forget it you can request a new one.  Click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the page after you make a change.

Make a Payment:  You might choose to go ahead and pull out that credit card next and pay your membership fee right below the contact information section.  Just click “Make a Payment.”  This section will be the first one you see when you log into the site, so you will be able to tell when you made your last payment.  You will now be paying your dues annually on your renewal or join date and you have several payment options.

By paying your dues on time you continue to have access to high-quality, affordable continuing education, fellowship with other chaplains across the state, and advocacy for the work of chaplains in all settings.  Plus, you will be able to access job postings, members only materials, and the new interactive member directory.

Your Profile:  In this section you may upload your photo if you’d like, choose to have other members see your street address (the default is to hide it), choose to have your phone number visible (the default is to hide this also).  Members may contact you by clicking “Contact”, but your email address is never visible.  When you contact other members you will have a record of any note that you sent by clicking Contact.  Responses go to your user email so you can choose to carry on “offline” from there.

Now that you’ve paid your dues and reviewed your profile, go check out the site!  Take a look at the interactive member directory, which allows you to zoom in on regions to find out where members are located.  Hook up with people in your area or make note if you know of someone not listed who should become a member!  You can use this to find people with whom you can carpool to the Spring conference or Fall education day, or contact about sharing a room.

In the future when you go to the NCCA site simply click on the “Members Area” tab and sign in.