2011 Chaplain of the Year


Chaplain of the Year 2011

The 2011 NCCA Chaplain of the Year Award was presented to Tony Biles from the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.  Below you can read some of the proceedings of the award ceremony held in April 2011 in Hickory, NC.

Award Ceremony

Our chaplain of the year award goes to a chaplain (who will be announced in a moment) who is described by peers as:


Embodies Christ-Like Love

A Good Mentor

Loves people

Radiates care, compassion, and concern

Serves patients kindly, and intelligently

A Natural Born Mediator

A strong patient advocate with a heart for ethics

Some quotes from the letters that were sent:

From a University professor:

This Chaplain is a kind person who makes every single person in a room feel valued for who they are and what they do.  To be in this chaplain’s presence is to be with a person who radiates care compassion, and concern.

Over the past twenty years I have worked with this person in the field of ethics. This chaplain has had an incredible amount of collegiality and untiring work in this field.  More importantly, I have personally benefited from this chaplain. This leader has helped me with my own personal, work, and family related ethical issues.  This minister has listened to my distress, blotted my tears, and provided me with healing words. This chaplain’s spirituality is infectious.  Your day is better because you talked with this minister.

A Parish Nurse Writes:

This professional has helped envision a parish nurse program that has grown to 57 faith communities with 37 faith community nurses and 50 faith community health promoters.  This minister has continuously offered guidance to this program and offered skills to help nurses in difficult situations debrief.

This clergyperson has envisioned and brought to our community a chaplaincy residency program that allowed non chaplains to take part. This was one of my most valuable learning experiences.

A physician writes:

This chaplain envisioned that in the growing complexity of health care there needed to be an ethics committee to help patients and the care team sort through all the dimensions of a patient’s case.  Despite skepticism from administration, this clinician was solely responsible for developing our ethics committee.

A local pastor writes:

I was an associate chaplain under the leadership of this chaplain.  I did an internship in the pastoral care department. One trait I admire about this minister is this person’s love for people. One can see it as this professional encounters all people whether hospital staff, family, or patient. I consider this person to be both a mentor and my friend.

A fellow chaplain writes:

This minister is a skilled clinician whose insightful, gentle, and compassionate presence brings God’s peace to patients, families, and staff.

A CPE supervisor writes:

This chaplain has offered leadership to the NCCA by serving on the executive committee and on both certification and peer review committees.

This person has developed best practices in the hospital’s pastoral care department.

This leader has been a strong advocate for chaplaincy by educating the hospital community to include administration about the role of the chaplain. Because of this, the salary paid was transferred from a consortium of churches to the hospital.

This clinician holds an annual memorial service for those staff that have died the previous year.  In addition, this professional does critical stress debriefings, teaches an ethics course at a local college and sits on an advisory board for a local university.

As a tribute to this chaplain’s ministry, a $500,000 endowment was given by a family in appreciation for the care this chaplain provided their family member who died under this minister’s care.

Reading all this makes one wonder:

Does this chaplain walk on water and then change that water into wine?  No! He simply uses the gifts God has given him to do some very extraordinary things.

It gives me great pleasure to present to you our
NCCA 2011 Chaplain of the Year – Chaplain Tony Biles.