2015 Chaplain of the Year

Our 2015 Chaplain of the Year is Rev. Sharon (“Shay”) Montgomery Greene, Director of the Pastoral Care Department at the University of North Carolina Health Care System

Shay Greene COY

Shay served as president of the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association from 2004-2006 during the Association’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Shay is also an active participant in the Association of Professional Chaplains, the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. She strives to educate volunteer clergy for other hospitals to enhance their chaplaincy skills and to improve the pastoral care offered to their patients. One friend and colleague said: “She represents the very best of chaplaincy and the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association.”

Through her leadership as chairperson of the UNC Healthcare system’s Interdisciplinary Patient Experience Team the hospital’s patient satisfaction scores have increased from the 48th % to above the 80%. She is a tireless advocate for her staff/department and raised funds to renovate the chapel while remaining fiscally responsible to the institution. She is a force to be reckoned with when she’s on a mission.

Shay stays abreast of things on the horizon in the local and global healthcare industry. She proactively seeks to implement CPE and Chaplaincy in new hospitals and emerging clinical areas. Her hands on approach– (being the Pediatric Chaplain, participating in CPE admissions interviews and teaching didactics, all while maintaining an open-door policy to her staff)– serves to sharpen her visionary skills that are needed to run an efficient, productive department as it ministers to the UNC Healthcare System and the community at large. She leads her staff by example in supporting and caring for the patients, families and staff of the hospital. A member of the Trinity Baptist Church in Raleigh, Shay often ministers to the children and adults in her church community who may be hospitalized or going through life challenges. She extends her chaplaincy gifts by sharing with her church Deacons to improve their ministry to the congregation.

As a person, the Chaplain of the Year is someone who sets standards of excellence for themselves and their institution; who serves patients, community and colleagues with grace and innovation; and who inspires each of us to do our best. Congratulations, Shay, and thank you for your service!