2013 Chaplain of the Year

The 2013 NCCA Chaplain of the Year Award was presented to Marcia McQueen, Director of Chaplaincy Services at Morehead Memorial Hospital.  Below are excerpts from the presentation at the NCCA Spring Meeting in April 2013 at Trinity Retreat Center in Pine Knolls Shores, NC:

This year’s Chaplain of the Year has served many years as a hospital and hospice chaplain as well as in denominational leadership and as an interim pastor.  This chaplain has demonstrated exemplary service in each of the criteria set forth for Chaplain of the Year. “This chaplain has promoted the field of chaplaincy through education on the role of professional chaplains and through interdisciplinary collaboration.  She has served as a leader in the NC Chaplains Association and has supported colleagues in the APC board certification process.  She has offered leadership in the community through involvement in local ministerial associations, teaching in local congregations, and participation in community service organizations such as Rotary and domestic violence prevention groups. 

Excerpts from the many letters supporting Marcia’s nomination include:

  • “This chaplain is one of the best assets of our hospital”
  • “Marcia is a comfort, not only to patients and family, but to all staff”
  • “She is approachable and genuine…she is always there before you call”
  • “She has a knack for creating good working relationships with others and is respected by medical staff and administration alike.”

Supporters also noted the many personal qualities that make Marcia so deserving:

  • “A fantastic friend”
  • “one I look to for guidance and spiritual support”
  • “an inspiration”
  • “has a contagious faith”
  • “is always supportive of colleagues”

It was an honor to read the stories and words of affirmation that came in to support this person’s nomination.  The picture painted by these testimonies is that of a chaplain any of us would be comforted to have at our bedside, in our workplace, in our correctional facility or caring for us in any of the many settings where professional chaplains can be found.

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the 2013 North Carolina Chaplain of the Year, Marcia McQueen!