Chaplain of the Year Nomination Form


The criteria for selecting a recipient of the Chaplain of the Year Award are listed below.  Remember, these are guidelines to help you in the nomination process. It is almost impossible for anyone to excel in all categories!


The following must be included to complete the nomination:


  1. Submit a nomination letter that includes a detailed description with examples how the nominee demonstrates excellence in the following areas:
    • Is a member of and regularly participates in the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association meetings;
    • Supports colleagues (participates in a peer group, serves on board certification committees or peer reviews, belongs to community clergy organization, reaches out at times of crisis or need to professional colleagues, etc.);
    • Participates in advocacy for professional chaplaincy and pastoral care (has developed new programs, sought grant or other funding for pastoral care initiatives, has advocated with administration or government leaders for inclusion of spiritual care, has served on advocacy groups in pastoral care cognate groups, written articles in media on chaplaincy/pastoral care, etc.);
    • Contributes to the field of pastoral care/chaplaincy in one’s own facility and the wider community (service, development of ‘best practices’ in pastoral care, writing, research, etc.);
    • Offers education on topics related to the profession of chaplaincy (to area clergy, CPE programs, interdisciplinary staff, etc.).
  2. Submit at least four (can be more) letters of recommendation from persons in the following categories:
    • Professional Colleagues
    • Administrator/Interdisciplinary Colleagues
    • Community Representatives

Nominations are accepted year round.  Nominations received prior to March 1st will be considered for the current year’s award.

To nominate a Chaplain, please email the Vice-President at  Please include nominator’s name, email address and phone number, as well as the nominee’s name, email address and phone number.  Thank you for your nomination!