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Celebrate Good Times

By Barry Morris

During our National Association of Professional Chaplains’ Conference each year, a program highlight is when we recognize all the newly Certified Chaplains. After these Chaplains receive their certificate, a high sign is given to the audio/visual team by the chair of the certification committee and blaring throughout the dining room is Kool and the Gang’s Celebration. The newly certified chaplains form a conga line and parade around the room receiving high fives from their family, friends, and colleagues who have walked with them through their labor of becoming a certified chaplain. It is an emotional time for many as they celebrate reaching this long earned goal and a joy for those who have been chaplains to see the future of our organization parade before us. It is a celebration of what they have done to reach this point in their ministry, a celebration of what is happening now as a result of their hard work, and a celebration of what is to come as these new chaplains invest their lives in clinical work.

50 years ago this year, a group of North Carolina chaplains gathered out of a need to continue their education, and fellowship with others in their field.  It was at Duke University where this group of colleagues met to formalize their efforts into the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association. Throughout the early days of the NCCA, there were times the Association flourished and times it limped along leaving chaplains to wonder if it would survive.  Chaplains within the association stepped up to reignite passion and energy for education and fellowship and once again the association flourished.  This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NCCA. We celebrate the past as those early founders envisioned an association for learning and networking. We celebrate present as we have become a solid organization that continues the mission of education, fellowship, and advocacy. We celebrate the future as we see a shift in the healthcare paradigm and chaplains are discovering new ways to use their skills. This is truly an occasion to “Celebrate Good Times.”

This year your Executive Council, with the blessing of the association’s membership, embarked on a strategic planning effort to evaluate our effectiveness and to identify some strategic initiatives to capitalize on the changing healthcare culture. (Look for the strategic initiatives on our website and consider how you may help in achieving those initiatives.)  From this effort, we formulated new bylaws that extended the terms of officers and those appointed to positions of leadership. (These proposed bylaws can be found on our website in the members section.) This will help create more continuity on our leadership team affording more opportunity for creativity. With the upgrades to our website, we are beginning to function more electronically allowing the position of membership chair to become a marketing position to recruit chaplains from varying fields of chaplaincy and enlist institutions that support our efforts.  We have contracted with an Administrative Coordinator, to keep our website current and functioning efficiently, while helping us identify new processes for efficient communication.  We are exploring ways to connect with other organizations like the North Carolina Hospital Association and the Association of Home Care and Hospice to better advocate for Spiritual Care within the healthcare community. And we are exploring opportunities to diversify our membership to include chaplains in industry, corrections, and first responders.

Finally let me say, it has been my pleasure to serve as your president these two years. My term will end in April when I will become immediate Past President.  It has been a time of personal growth and challenge.   I celebrate the inspiration I received from presidents before me who laid something new on the foundation of the NCCA that helped give me the vision for my time as your president. I also am grateful to have worked with such a bright group of professional chaplains, who care about people, their work as chaplains, and this association.  They have been a blessing to me.

As I thought about our 50th anniversary, I was reminded of the year of Jubilee in the book of Leviticus.  It was a time to correct the course of society and ensure that social justice prevailed. It was a time to forgive debts, and return slaves to their families.  It was a time to honor God’s goodness and grace.   As we celebrate 50 years of the NCCA, it is a time to celebrate the lives and work of all who have had a hand in this organization. It is a time to celebrate the vision this organization has to serve God by caring for our brothers and sisters in need by keeping ourselves well informed and healthy.   It is a time to pause and be thankful for God’s goodness and grace. It is a time to come to the mountain top and rest from our work. It is a time to be challenged and inspired by educational programs, nature, and fellowship with peers while being a part of this historical moment.  I hope to see you in Blowing Rock April 23-25, 2014.

God’s peace,

Barry Morris


Administrative Coordinator’s Corner

It is so exciting to see our organization growing into a new identity! You have already received an email requesting your annual dues payment from our new membership management system, called Member Find Me. You’ll notice there are some wonderful new features for you to utilize.

If you have not yet logged in for the first time, it is very simple. The first time you sign in you will need to request a new password and the Easy as 1-2-3 steps are listed below.

Easy as 1-2-3 steps to getting your new password

1. Under the “Sign In” portion in the box click beside “Request password if you are a member”. Simply enter the email address you have on file with NCCA and click the “Find My Account” button.

2. Check your email inbox for a reset password link from the NCCA. Copy the generic password listed in the email and click the link to go back to the site.

3. Paste the generic password into the Enter Password box and click Sign In! You will land in your new Member Area. Congrats!

Below is some useful information about each tab in your member area, including how to make a payment.

About tab: Please check your contact information to ensure that we have everything correct, and while you’re in there change your password by clicking “Change” (in blue) beside Password. Enter a password you will remember instead. Don’t worry. If you forget it you can request a new one. Click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the page after you make a change.

Make a Payment: You might choose to go ahead and pull out that credit card next and pay your membership fee right below the contact information section. Just click “Make a Payment.” This section will be the first one you see when you log into the site, so you will be able to tell when you made your last payment.

By paying your dues on time you continue to have access to high-quality, affordable continuing education, fellowship with other chaplains across the state, and advocacy for the work of chaplains in all settings. Plus, you will be able to access job postings, members-only materials, and the new interactive member directory.

Your Profile: In this section you may upload your photo if you’d like, choose to have other members see your street address (the default is to hide it), choose to have your phone number visible (the default is to hide this also). Members may contact you by clicking “Contact“, but your email address is never visible. When you contact other members you will have a record of any note that you sent by clicking Contact. Responses go to your user email so you can choose to carry on “offline” from there.

Now that you’ve paid your dues and reviewed your profile, go check out the site! Take a look at the interactive member directory, which allows you to zoom in on regions to find out where members are located. Hook up with people in your area or make note if you know of someone not listed who should become a member! Remember, we are trying to welcome 50 new members to our fellowship during this, our 50th anniversary year.

During the next membership renewal season, you will also note a change in how dues are paid. Rather than following our fiscal year for dues payment (which is currently June 1 to May 30), you will have the benefit of a rolling renewal year. That means that dues payment will be streamlined and easy to understand. Your membership fee will be due on an anniversary date system. You will receive email reminders of the due date, and will also be able to see the due date every time you log into the Members Only section of the website.

If you need any assistance as we transition, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at admincoordinator@ncchaplains.com. I look forward to assisting you!


Jeanell Cox

Seeking Nominations for 2014 NC Chaplain of the Year!

Please consider this opportunity to honor the work of a deserving colleague as well as celebrate the strong legacy of professional chaplaincy in North Carolina.

Do you know a chaplain who:

1. Participates in the North Carolina Chaplains Association;

2. Supports colleagues;

3. Participates in advocacy for professional chaplaincy and pastoral care;

4. Contributes to the field of pastoral care/chaplaincy;

5. Provides education?

If you do, I strongly encourage you to complete a nomination with a description of ways the candidate meets the above criteria and ask the chaplain’s colleagues to write letters of support. The nomination form can be found on the NCCA website at https://ncchaplains.com/news-announcements/chaplain-of-the-year-nomination-form/. If you have already submitted an application for someone who was not chosen, you are encouraged to resubmit. Let’s continue to recognize and celebrate each other!


Beth Jackson-Jordan, NCCA Vice President
Carolinas Medical Center North-East Spiritual Care Services


50 New Faces for our 50th Year!

Marcia McQueen

A prominent cosmetics company just celebrated its golden anniversary this summer and consultants were encouraged to do facials on 50 new faces in one quarter.  What a great idea!  Why don’t we borrow that idea and discover 50 new faces to join our 50 year old organization between now and April 2014?  Will you join me in making that happen?

As of today, we have about 100 dues-paying members.  There are fourteen accredited ACPE centers in NC.  There are approximately 140 APC-certified chaplains who hail from NC.  There are certainly 50 potential members out there!

As you enlist new members, here are some key facts to remember:  You do not have to be a full-time chaplain to join. You do not have to be a certified chaplain to join.  You do not have to have a certain number of units of CPE to join.  The website gives more detail about the categories of membership, but any professional with interest in chaplaincy can be an associate member and a full member if ordained, endorsed, or commissioned by his/her faith group and employed as a chaplain in NC. So, there are certainly 50 potential members out there!

Let’s have a strategy!

  • Think about chaplain colleagues you had in your CPE training days.  Are any of them involved in chaplaincy in NC but not members of NCCA?  Invite them to become members.
  • Contact your chaplain peers in your denomination or faith group and see if they are members of the NC Chaplains Association.  If they are not, invite them to join.  If your denomination requires continuing education, let them know of NCCA’s educational opportunities.
  • Consider contacting the CPE center nearest to your current location and ask them to put up an informational flier about the benefits of NCCA and the link through which chaplain residents, supervisors or supervisory candidates, staff chaplains or other chaplains can join.  I will have some fliers available at the Fall Education Day for you to post at your facility and/or at a CPE center near you!
  • Do you know any chaplains serving in correctional facilities, hospices, long-term care facilities, or the military you could inform and invite?  Just do it!
  • Do you know APC certified chaplains from NC who have not joined the NCCA?  Surely they need to be a member to get the additional educational credits provided by NC Chaplains.  Let them know of that great advantage.
  •  If you know someone always looking for a bargain, this is it!  For a fee not much more than your credit card annual fee, you can be a member of the NC Chaplains Association!
  • And, remember to inform each of these prospects of the benefits of membership—networking, education, support and more!

How many of the 50 new faces will you enlist?  Please click this link to download the flyer shown below, which describes our 50 for 50 goals.  Perhaps you could post in your center or organization.  You may also choose to click one of the social media icons below the flyer to post a link on your Facebook wall or your Twitter account.  Let’s get the word out!

NCCA 5050 Flyer


Spring Conference Information

Welcome to Blowing RockYou are invited to join the community of the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association to retreat to the mountains of Blowing Rock, North Carolina for our Spring Conference, April 23-25, 2014.  This year we honor our 50th Anniversary by “Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Present, and Envisioning our Future.”  The conference location is the Blowing Rock Conference Center, www.brccenter.org.  We will be housed and meeting in the renovated Corriher Lodge.  Bill Bourdan, Executive Director, and Jan Bourdan, guest services, have been so easy to work with as we plan this wonderful event in the life of the NCCA.

Corriher Lodge Lobby

Corriher Lodge Lobby

Our conference begins Wednesday night with dinner at 6:30pm followed by an evening with nationally-acclaimed storyteller Orville Hicks and continues through Friday at 11:30am.  However, if you would like to extend your stay for personal retreat, community gathering, or exploring the area, contact Jan Bourdan at (828) 295-7813.  There is space should you wish to come early for the conference or stay later.  There will be another group on site that weekend, so the stay later option requires moving quickly to secure your room.

Keeping the Spring Conference at retreat centers, even for our 50th Anniversary Event, has allowed us to keep the rates for the conference reasonable.  There are rates for Members and Non-Members, Double Occupancy, and Single Occupancy rooms.  There is a new option that reflects the needs of retreat centers.  Should you wish to bring a guest with you who will explore the area as you engage in the education, you can register for a double occupancy room with private guest.  Your guest will have lodging and food throughout the conference, while not being charged for the educational portion of the event.  For those folks who can only attend the 50th Anniversary Banquet on Thursday, April 24, there is a registration option for you.

Melanie Childers and I are serving as hosts of this event.  We hope you will join us for an exciting educational opportunity, a 50th Anniversary Banquet, and a retreat to the mountains that help us tend the creative spark that sustains our ministry.

Wanda Burton-Crutchfield, NCCA Treasurer



NCCA Conference Features Appalachian Performers

By Melanie Childers, BCC, local conference host

If you are attending this year’s 50th anniversary celebration of the NC Chaplains’ Association in Blowing Rock, NC, you will be treated to fine entertainment by performers who live and refine their craft in the North Carolina High Country.  We hope you will join us in Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Present, and Envisioning our Future.

Storyteller Orville Hicks

Storyteller Orville Hicks

Storyteller Orville Hicks will be the featured entertainment for early arrivers on Wednesday evening, April 23. Born on Beech Mountain in Watauga County, Orville grew up listening to family members tell stories steeped in the Appalachian mountain storytelling tradition. He is carrying on that tradition today. Orville often performs for groups at the Appalachian Cultural Museum in Boone, and has been a featured performer at the North Carolina Stories festival. He is also a recipient of the Brown-Hudson Folklore Award.



The Mountain Laurels

Celebrating with The Mountain Laurels


During the banquet on Thursday evening (April 24), conference goers will enjoy the music of The Mountain Laurels. This Celtic and folk music ensemble features women on wind and string instruments, playing a lively blend that echoes back to native Appalachian folk traditions. The group frequently plays at a variety of events, and has published a CD, Highland Bloom.  Click here to preview their music on Youtube.  





Envisioning our Future

The High Country also offers many outdoor and cultural activities that will help renew your spirit before and after the conference.  Hiking trails abound across the High Country, where you can enjoy everything from a flat 1-mile stroll around Bass Lake to a strenuous hike with cables and ladders on the Grandfather trail. Horseback riders and mountain bikers enjoy their own miles of trails, and for those less mobile, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers hundreds of miles of scenic overviews that you can enjoy from the comfort of your car. Explore Grandfather Mountain, with its mile-high swinging bridge, or Linville Caverns, both just a few miles from Boone. Zipline tours and kayaking and canoeing on beautiful rivers are also available for those interested in an eco-adventure. And shoppers will not want to miss the Mast Store mercantile, the town of Blowing Rock, and the Shoppes on the Parkway outlet stores.



Whatever your interests, make the most of our conference location and plan additional time to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship that helps make the High Country a jewel among North Carolina’s many treasures.


The Countdown continues … a note from your Education Chair

Before we know it, the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association (NCCA) will be 50 years old. Does that mean AARP magazines will be sent to us?  To commemorate this occasion, the NCCA will be celebrating this feat at our annual Spring Conference in Blowing Rock, themed “Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Present, Envisioning our Future.”  Our goal this year is to increase our membership by 50 members for 50 years and to strengthen the statewide chaplain community.

Our conference speakers will be Devin Griffith, VP at Randolph Hospital in Asheboro, who will talk about population management. Gary Gunderson and Sharon Englebretson from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will talk about the Memphis Project. David Carl from Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte will talk about how chaplaincy can assist with patient experience. Jim Rawlings from Duke will also be our speaker at the “Chaplain of the Year” banquet.

We will also have interactive sessions on the topics of advocacy, chaplaincy research, and arts/healing.  As we transition from 2013 to 2014, plans continue to be made to make this conference a celebration of what we have done, are doing, and will do as chaplains.  If anyone would like to help in the continued planning of this event, please do not hesitate to contact me at educationchair@ncchaplains.com.

Darryl Jefferson, Education Chair

“You can bet you last money… it’s all gonna be a stone gas, honey!” – Don Cornelius


2014 NCCA Spring Conference Schedule

Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Present, Envisioning our Future

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Time Event Leader
6:00p Dinner
7:00p “An Evening with Orville Hicks” nationally known Appalachian storyteller


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Sessions I and II
Time Event Leader
8:00a  Breakfast/Registration
9:00a Welcome
9:15a Session I – Population Management Devin Griffith
10:45a 15 Minute Break
11:00a Session II – The Memphis Project Gary Gunderson and Sharon Englebretson
12:30p Lunch
1:30p Business Session
2:30p Breakout Sessions:
Chaplaincy and Research | Healing Arts | Advocacy
4:00p Free time
6:00p Banquet and Chaplain of the Year Jim Rawlings Jr. (Speaker)


Friday, April 25, 2014

Session III
Time Event Leader
7:30a Morning Reflection
8:00a Breakfast
9:00a Business Session
9:30a Checkout  
10:00a Session III David Carl
11:30a Evaluation/Closing


Register below!

Please note that there are rates for Members and Non-Members, Double Occupancy, and Single Occupancy rooms.  Should you wish to bring a guest with you who will explore the area as you engage in the education, you can register for a double occupancy room with private guest.  Your guest will have lodging and food throughout the conference, while not being charged for the educational portion of the event.  If you can only attend the 50th Anniversary Banquet on Thursday, April 24, there is a registration option for you as well.


Paying by check?  Click here to register!