Description of Duties: President

Appoint the following members of the Executive Board:  Membership Chair, Publicity Chair, Education Chair, Institutional Relations Chair, and, WebMaster.

  1. Schedule and lead the Executive Board Meetings on the following frequency:  Summe r(June/July), Fall (the evening before the Fall Education Day, Winter (January) and Spring (the afternoon before the Spring Conference.

The president is responsible for setting the agenda and facilitating all board meetings.

  1.  Preside over the Fall Education Day and Spring Conference.
  2. Moderate the two business meetings held at the Spring Conference.
  3. Represent the NCCA at any requested community events.  This includes offering the invocation at the Great 100 RN banquet held annually inGreensboro.
  4. Serve as liaison between NCCA and other related agencies, APC for example, as needed.
  5. Manage the NCCA Board and any issues that arise there regarding its function.
  6. Serve as spokesperson for the NCCA.
  7. Remain on the board the two consecutive years beyond your term as president.