Welcome, New Member!

We are happy you have joined the North Carolina Chaplains’ Association for this calendar year!  You have joined as a provisional member until our Board reviews and approves your full membership.  In the meantime, your payment has granted you access to the members only portion of our site, including our searchable member directory with geographic location map, employment opportunities, and reduced members only conference and event rates.  Please see the links to the right.

Your membership profile is set to default to not show your phone number or street address, but you may choose to allow others to see these.  Our recommendation is to keep your street address from showing unless you are using your business address.  The city will be listed and you can give people more details as needed.  Your email address will never be shown, for security and spam purposes.  However people can click on “Contact” in your profile to send an email to you.  If you respond the person will be then have access to your email address.

Members of the NCCA do not receive membership cards; your membership status can be verified when you sign onto our site.  You may print your invoice or payment receipt in order to provide proof of membership.  

Be sure to always sign in when you visit our site so you can access your member only benefits.  You may manage your membership profile and directory settings by clicking here.

In fellowship,

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